ProofID IAM Professional Services

Identity and Access management projects can be uniquely challenging; relying on niche skills and cutting across the entire organisation. We offer a full range of consulting services from strategic consulting to customer development.

Strategic Consulting

Give your IAM project the best chance at success by focusing on strategy, planning and risk management, without losing sight of near-term business outcomes. Proven agile-based approach.

  • Deep knowledge of leading IAM technology
  • Strategic IAM roadmap
  • Industry specific expertise
  • Focus on security and compliance

Implementation Services

IAM can be a complex technology requiring ‘niche’ technical skills to configure and deploy effectively. ProofID’s consulting team can help, by completing the work necessary to keep your critical IAM projects on schedule, allowing your team to keep on top of the latest business demands.

  • Flexible delivery models
  • Implementation and upgrades
  • Configuration, deployment and administration capabilities
  • Experience across leading IAM technologies

IAM Project Management

IAM projects can be uniquely challenging, as by its nature IAM is a technology which cuts across the whole organisation. ProofID has many years’ experience of successfully delivering enterprise IAM projects and can provide the IAM project Management expertise to help you lead and orchestrate a disparate team and avoid common issues before they become problems, all the while keeping your IAM project on time and on budget.

  • Lead or supplement your project team
  • Implement best-practice approach to IAM delivery
  • Ensure IAM solution is secure and complaint
  • Reduce risk by ensuring integrations are secure
  • Keep your IAM initiative on time and on budget

Custom Development Services

Enterprise IAM deployments frequently require integrations with non-standard or legacy, yet critical applications. Often this requires custom components to be developed to meet these unique needs. ProofID combines diverse coding and system integration expertise with a proven agile-based approach to deliver a secure, fully integrated solution that meets today’s complex identity and access management requirements.

  • Best practice agile methodology
  • Define requirements and identify risks upfront
  • Up-to-date IAM vendor integration expertise
  • Deep knowledge of IAM standards and protocols

Providing an extensive range of expert IAM services

ProofID IAM Managed Service

Whether you wish to put in place a managed service for your existing infrastructure or introduce a new platform, ProofID has a proven track record of delivering highly secure solutions at pace, managing availability 24/7 and developing the platform to meet the needs of your evolving enterprise.

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ProofID IAM Roadmap

Whether you are at the beginning of your IAM journey, or just want us to evaluate your current project, our roadmap workshops provide the answers to formulate an effective and efficient IAM project. Our service is a strategic program for your business to quickly achieve benefits and value from an IAM investment.

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