Modernizing legacy SSO infrastructure

DaVita Inc


Modernizing legacy SSO infrastructure

DaVita Inc


Migrate legacy SSO infrastructure to a standards-based architecture.


Single sign-on and federation.
Application and SaaS integration.


46,000 users migrated seamlessly with access to over 20 SaaS and 120 legacy applications.
Improved user experience and access security through federation.



The challenge

Migrate a complex, legacy, and proprietary single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure towards a standards-based SSO that federates a wide range of SaaS and on-premise legacy applications without impacting users or effecting operations. DaVita lacked Identity and Access Management (IAM) experienced resources to migrate upon a modern SSO infrastructure using the Ping Identity PingFederate platform.

The solution

ProofID, a Ping Identity certified platinum partner, was chosen because of their broad expertise with managing large and complex IAM projects.

DaVita’s Identity Architect said:

“Only ProofID brought the industry experience, technology expertise and proven best practices necessary to transform our legacy infrastructure to a standards-based, scalable architecture. They provided the best value based upon the experience of the team, their ability to predictably deliver complex end-to-end systems and above all their relationship and certification by Ping Identity.”

The results

With ProofID professional services, over 120 legacy and 20 SaaS applications were successfully federated with PingFederate SSO. To eliminate potential disruption during the migration to PingFederate, ProofID developed a solution that provided backwards compatibility with the existing proprietary SSO protocol, allowing DaVita to deprecate the legacy SSO infrastructure 12 weeks after starting the project.

As an extension of the project, ProofID developed a reference architecture and reference implementation for the office of the CTO and application development teams. The reference documentation provided a repeatable approach, accelerating deployment time of new applications.


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