Companies of all sizes partner with ProofID to stay on top of increasing business demands

Mountain America

Financial institution accelerated SSO

ProofID helped full-service financial institution accelerate SSO for 5,000 employees.

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Resilient Microsoft® Office 365 authentication

Working together to deliver a seamless, modern experience to the university’s users.

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WWF sees user experience soar with single sign-on

Helping the leading global conservationists achieve seamless single sign-on.

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University of Hull

IT transformation journey

Forward thinking and recognizes the importance of the customer experience, whilst ensuring security is of the utmost concern.

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DaVita Inc

Modernising legacy SSO infrastructure

ProofID modernises legacy SSO infrastructure for Fortune 500 healthcare provider.

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Edinburgh Napier University

Unified, seamless single sign-on

Rapid SSO deployment in complex university environment.

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Adoption of ProofID IAM Managed Service

ProofID appointed as outsourced managed service provider for the expert advice and cost savings.

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University of Gloucestershire

Seamless student & staff experience

Streamlined customer experience and better student engagement greatly assists the university’s operations.

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Heriot Watt University

Future-proof IAM

ProofID provides a complete user lifecycle management solution ideally suited for the challenges faced by the modern university.

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Integration kit for PingFederate

Leader in identity fraud solutions relies on ProofID to build commercial integration.

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Kingston University

Identity, Governance and Administration (IGA)

Kingston University automatically provision and de-provision student and staff accounts with ease.

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