WWF sees user experience soar with single sign-on

WWF sees user experience soar with single sign-on

INDUSTRY / Non-Profit

SOLUTION / Workforce Identity



Improve user experience.
Reduce helpdesk calls.


Federated single sign-on.


Enhanced user experience.
Efficient onboarding.
Improved security.
IT cost savings.


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Improve user experience and reduce helpdesk calls.

WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature) is the world’s leading independent conservation organization with a mission to create a world where people live in harmony with nature.

With operations reaching across almost 100 countries, WWF-International provides several global IT services which complement the IT provision operated locally by individual offices.

Global services provided by WWF-International include global intranet, Zoom, Google Apps, conservation applications and a variety of collaboration services. Currently, in order to access WWF services, users must use a different username and password at the international and local levels. This leads to increased helpdesk calls to assist end users with managing their credentials – for example, to perform password resets − which leads to a poor user experience and reduced uptake of services and collaboration.

The picture is further complicated by IT services being provided and consumed globally. The result of this is yet more usernames and passwords for end use