About the Author: Tom Eggleston (CEO)

Tom Eggleston (CEO)



Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) provides the foundation for identity management, allowing organizations to ensure that processes are in place to validate and certify user access levels and requests, so users are only granted the minimum access they need to carry out their role. Without having IGA in place, organizations face a real security risk that users may gain blanket access to all applications which is accumulated over their tenure.

If you are wondering whether your organization needs an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) platform, consider the following questions:

  • Do you have the tools to make sure that your users have the right access to the right systems and data?
  • Can you be sure that none of your users have more access than they need?
  • Can you prevent your users accumulating privileges during their time with the organization?
  • Are you able to prove to auditors that you are managing access in line with compliance or policy requirements?
  • Are your IT and HR teams overburdened by the effort required to on- and off-board staff? And does your organization waste time correcting human errors associated with these processes?
  • Do new users experience a delay from when they start until they are fully onboarded with access to all the systems and services they need? How much does this cost your organization?

Really you can boil this down to – if you have more than a few dozen users to manage, then yes – you need an Identity Governance & Administration platform to help control access across the estate and increase efficiency.

However, the IGA market can be daunting with many vendors offering similar capabilities. It is important to ensure that the platform you choose is going to make your life easier not harder. With this in mind, our partner Fastpath (formerly ideiio) have published an IGA maturity model whitepaper for download detailing a roadmap for your identity management journey.

Click here to download the whitepaper.