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As you chart the course for your IAM deployment, there’s a to do list of tasks to perform. From launching the platform, integrating with core systems, and loading in users, to establishing policies, defining roles, automating processes and much more. With all of that to tackle, it’s easy to miss deploying the intelligence component — SailPoint AI services. However, these are not to be delayed.

AI services will increasingly become an offering of IAM platforms and can deliver essential value to your deployment. The sooner you implement the AI services, the sooner you can increase your security, decrease risk, increase productivity, and accelerate your return on investment.

At ProofID, we coach our clients that implementing  AI services in the first phase of your implementation is important. The earlier you allow machine learning to get going, the more history and data you must “teach the AI.” If you’ve already deployed, it should be the NEXT project you take on.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why you should add AI Services to your initiative now, rather than later:

1 . Take the Risk Out of Easy

IAM vendors like SailPoint have made identity and access governance tasks even easier, although that ease can bring greater risk — if the last access checkpoint is a human, you will always have risk. Managers experience certification fatigue and can start taking the easy route to access reviews — we all know that some level of rubber stamping happens. Further, you could end up with entitlement creep leading to greater insider threat risks. AI eliminates the risks to focus managers on where the risk really is and suggest default actions for mitigating that risk.

2 . Spot Potential Threats Faster

AI services automate the discovery, management, and control of ALL user access. This allows you to not only control access ensuring users have the right of entry they need when they need it, but also to spot potential threats. A security team can’t scan every user and every access right that may be out of date or sync. Having AI do the work makes it easy to find your weakest links and adjust accordingly.

3 . Gain Efficiencies

AI can identify common trends and areas to consolidate roles or automate tasks. With greater visibility and machine learning underway, you can see where the opportunities to consolidate, streamline and automate are for efficiency gains without adding risk. If you’re working on a role model, you can speed up that process with the AI Services for Access Modelling.

4 . Get a better guide

AI can always point you to your true north. AI should not be considered a destination, but rather a guide on the identity security journey helping to run business more securely and with less risk. Once up and running, you have Access Insights that transform vast amounts of identity data – including user attributes, roles, access history, and entitlements – into actionable insights so you can spot potential risks faster and revise your course as needed based on what’s happening in your environment.

5 . Make Better Decisions

AI services help speed up lengthy certification processes with automated recommendations based on peer group analysis, identity attributes and access activity, giving managers the ability to make smarter access decisions in less time.

6 . Take your reporting to new heights

AI services record ALL access activity which allows you to produce a report for your auditors or execs in minutes, rather than weeks. It helps you to see everything access related. Tracking the changing of access over time is a very useful metric. This is particularly true when dealing with auditors. Customers can point the auditor to AI to get what they need. If your board or execs have questions, AI delivers answers quickly with graphical views and reports on where your access risks lie — on the fly.

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