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If your company is contemplating a move to the cloud, that’s great news. Moving to the cloud changes everything, in the good way. It represents a fundamental shift in how IAM technology is deployed and managed—a shift that can result in dramatic improvements in organizational efficiency, economics, and agility. But to achieve the big changes that benefit your business, you also need to be ready to first make some adjustments of your own that will make it all possible.

Shifting to a cloud-based SaaS model will ultimately make much of what you do with IAM easier; initially, though, it will require some significant and even challenging changes in the ways you think about and interact with IAM technology, as well as where and how you deploy the technology.

Moving to the cloud involves a multifaceted change process that encompasses strategy, transition planning, technology migration and more, to move you from long-established on-premises systems to identity in the cloud.

It’s in that process of changing that ProofID can help you. With our deep understanding of IAM technology, expertise in advanced cloud methodologies, and experience deploying vendor technologies, such as SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, we can smooth the path on your voyage to the cloud.

Here’s what you can expect along the way…

Keep in mind this isn’t just a migration; it’s a transformation

Of course, there is technology that needs to be migrated as part of upgrading. But there’s much more to moving to the cloud than that. It’s not just a migration; it’s a transformation—a fundamental change in which your company goes from being financially invested in and responsible for the care and feeding of a complex technology implementation to having the freedom and flexibility to refocus resources on more strategic imperatives.

It’s a welcome change, to be sure, and a big part of why moving to the cloud is such an attractive idea in the first place. But it does require you to challenge the way you think about deploying and managing identity security, as you standardise and move towards a more out-of-the-box SaaS implementation.

ProofID can help, even at this early perception-centric phrase. Depending on your journey and where you’re starting, we can facilitate and support you as your organization adopts a cloud-oriented mindset in which you learn to perceive your relationship to and responsibility for software and systems in a whole new way.

Look before you leap: A smooth transition starts with a sound assessment

Before you do anything, ProofID’s experts will work with you to assess your current on-premises environment and recommend the best way forward based on your present state. Every engagement is different, but all engagements start with a detailed planning and preparation session.

We’ll ask a lot of questions; here are a few examples:

  • How many applications are we talking about?
  • How customized is your on-premises environment?
  • What’s supported in the current environment (and what’s not)?
  • Is there something in your current environment you don’t like and would love to change?
  • What’s on the roadmap for the future that we need to know about now?

Everything all at once, or one step at a time? It depends

One of the most important planning decisions we’ll help you make is whether your organization will be best served by a straight move to cloud or a phased approach to deployment. A straight move, as the term suggests, is an immediate switch to the cloud, with a build of capabilities over time. If you have a small number of applications and relatively narrow functionality, you can move quickly to start benefiting from being in the cloud.

A phased approach is often better suited to companies where complex implementations make the argument for proceeding slowly and cautiously over a longer period. The downside is that it can be a challenge to maintain two separate systems—for example, one in which requests are handled on-premise, while access certifications are managed in the cloud.

We can help you decide what makes the most sense for your organization, and we’ll be with you to see it through, from planning to full deployment. And we’ll continue to be available to you to answer your questions about secure identity and access management, even after your implementation is complete.

There’s no time like the present to start imagining your cloud future

You have a lot to manage: more people working remotely, more applications and other resources to juggle, more devices, even more ways to define identities. Do you really want to have to keep up with software updates and other demands of an on-premises environment?

Of course, there are situations in which on-premises deployments make strategic sense for some organizations. But if the cloud is a good choice for yours, ProofID can help. Contact us.