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ARMS by ProofID recently featured prominently in Computer Weekly’s buyer’s guide for managing external IT users. Introducing the importance of identity and access management throughout all business portals, the article offered a number of solutions for businesses looking to tighten online access and security.

Focusing on managing the access offered to both B2B and B2C constituencies, Computer Weekly’s buyer’s guide covers options for all industry sectors. ARMS was highlighted as an ideal solution for business managers and IT teams orchestrating the levels of access granted to external users. The author of the buyer’s guide went on to highlight the unlimited number of users who can benefit from ARMS on a single site.

However, ARMS was not the only ProofID product discussed in the article, with IDENTify highlighted as another user identification solution. IDENTify builds user profiles using social identities, accommodating authorised levels of access to online portals and systems.

Computer Weekly has been in publication (formerly print-based, now exclusively web-based) for 50 years this September – covering the latest in outsourcing, security, data centers, information management, cloud computing and mobile computing, as well as computer hacking and strategies for IT management.


Interacting with external users is a fact of modern business, yet managing external user identities is very challenging for most s. What access should be granted? Who should authorise access? And when should it be removed? These questions are hard enough for internal users, but are even harder for a highly distributed external user community, which is likely to comprise private individuals, contractors and agents, as well as small and large companies.

ARMS is unique in that it has been built from the ground up to help customers manage access and for external users, whether contractors, temporary workers, customers or supply chain partners. With built in delegated approvals and certification workflows, ARMS reduces the complexity and costs inherent in managing external users, whilst providing governance features to enhance security and self-service and ultimately streamline the process for end users.

You can read the Computer Weekly’s buyer’s guide here. If you wish to discuss ARMS or any of our IDM solutions with the ProofID team, call us today on 0161 906 1002 or visit our homepage.

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