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If you struggle to figure out why or how your Identity and Access Management project’s costs keep rising, ProofID knows exactly what questions you should ask yourself and your vendor to stay on track.

While solution approaches and costs can vary based on your company’s specific needs and requirements, you need to begin the process by asking hard questions focused on measuring performance and costs across critical areas often associated with inefficiencies and overspending in IAM projects. Once this is done you can establish a baseline of your current state and look for opportunities to improve.

ProofID’s years of experience implementing IAM projects has shown that developer productivity, application on-boarding cycle times, identity lifecycle times, and compliance efficiency are most often the source of problems.

Having good visibility and control over these areas will put you in a position to implement immediate improvements, build executive confidence and justify additional funding if it is needed.

IAM Developer Productivity

How to know if you are overspending:

  • Are IAM developers fully utilised or do they spend time waiting for answers to development blockers?
  • How much time is spent resolving blockers and repairing defects?

How to improve IAM Developer Productivity

  • Measure developer downtime and assign work on other applications while they wait for blockers to be resolved that are outside their control.