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We have recently released a new version of ARMS by ProofID, our user lifecycle management application, and we’re quite excited to tell you about it.  This new release, as well as bringing stability fixes and other enhancements, introduces several major new features which we believe will be of real value to our ARMS customers , building upon ARMS’ already rich feature-set by providing simple, standards based solutions to complex identity management challenges.


A new SCIM Provisioning feature allows ARMS to act as a SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) client and push affiliate data into external SCIM compliant systems.  Multiple endpoints can be configured at once making this a flexible and powerful new addition to ARMS.

This feature was previously made available as a plugin. For this version it is an ARMS core feature and the plugin is deprecated.

As with the ARMS API (Application programming interface) which provides SCIM Server capabilities that was introduced in v2.22 this new provisioning system adheres to the SCIM 1.1 specifications, which is the most widely deployed version.

Local administrative users and group

A new local administrative users and groups feature allows ARMS administrative users to be authenticated and managed locally within ARMS.

This removes the dependency on an external directory and means that LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Authentication becomes an option rather than a requirement.

ARMS can now be bootstrapped and administrative users can login without LDAP ever being configured.  For extra flexibility LDAP authentication can be used in combination with local authentication if required.

Resources and classes

The self-service registration form now presents fields for class and resources – enabling applicants to request approval to a particular class.

In v2.22 and earlier previously this was limited to a particular department only.  Applicants can now indicate which resources to include with their request – if these resources are made optional by an administrator.

In addition resources can now be set by approvers on the approval form, removing the need to edit an affiliate after approval to set the optional resources requirements.

Built-in fields

Several new built-in fields have been added. These are fields supported by the SCIM 1.1 Core schema: Nickname, Profile URL, preferred Language, locale and time zone.

These are all supported by the SCIM core schema and we map these and use them if present for the built in SCIM server and client.

If you wish to discuss ARMS with the ProofID team, call us today on 0161 906 1002. Alternatively visit our homepage for the full range of products and services. Existing ARMS customers are entitled to an upgrade and should contact ProofID directly.