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protect-your-connectivityThe widespread outage across university networks earlier this week (see here: Universities across the country lose internet connections following cyber-attack) brings into sharp focus the reliance that all modern s have on connectivity, in an increasingly connected world.

For most s now, the reality is that both applications and users can be internal or external, on-premise or off, and a loss of network connectivity can cause major disruption to operations. Whilst the JANET network is normally very robust, this story shows how no network is immune to malicious actions; other more mundane reasons for loss of network connectivity can be as simple as cutting through a cable on a building site (this happens more than you’d think!).

Whatever the reason, your users now expect 100% connectivity and access to their applications, wherever they are.

The good news is that technology is available to address this situation and mitigate network outages as much as possible; ProofID is working with a number of universities to implement resilient authentication systems that remove any reliance on the local internet connection or infrastructure, meaning that users can continue to access cloud applications even when there are local failures.

Take a look at our case study here to see how we have implemented PingFederate to provide University of the Arts, London with a resilient authentication service.


After all, nobody wants to come into work to be faced with tweets like this.

At ProofID, we provide a selection of fully managed identity management solutions for a wide range of different industries and sectors. By identifying next generation technologies, we can provide bespoke fully managed identity management solutions which perfectly complement your online services.

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