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The release of the Ping Identity Technical Certification Program back in October 2019 proved to be a very exciting moment for us at ProofID. First, not only did it create a viable means for identity professionals to prove their chops in the world of Ping Identity products, but it also created the opportunity for global partners to be more easily measured for their claimed expertise on the product set.

We’ve taken great pride in being awarded Ping Identity Channel Delivery Partner of the Year for the last 2 years (and only 2 years that it has been awarded), but even more so, we take greater pride in our breadth and depth of expertise with Ping Identity products, given our 10 years of partnership with the global leader in identity security.

With the release of the Ping Technical Certification Program, we challenged our team of engineers/architects in Professional Services and Managed Services to go after the PingFederate/PingAccess/PingDirectory certifications and man did they rise to the occasion.

To date we have amassed over 50 certifications between the 3 products (for those counting: PingFederate – 21, PingAccess – 15, PingDirectory – 17), and what I find even more fun, 12 individuals that now carry all 3! We like to refer to these as our Triple Crowns.

As best as we know to date, in the space of Ping delivery partners, there’s no one even close to this certification count. I feel that this data provides a quantifiable representation of the expertise that ProofID possesses, as well as just a large team member count, that best speaks to being Ping’s top delivery partner.

For those evaluating a Ping delivery partner, just ask how’s your certification count looking?

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