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100% SailPoint focused integrator receives 2022 Delivery Admiral Partner Award with a record of multiple, successful SailPoint identity security implementations and a reputation for customer satisfaction.

Leading identity security integrator, Regatta Solutions Group, A ProofID Company, is a SailPoint Software Delivery Admiral for the second consecutive year. SailPoint awards this designation o their most trusted partners for maintaining engaging, customer-driven resources rooted in experience and a commitment to integrating SailPoint success.

Founded in 2014 and built on a firm foundation in identity management, Regatta is the only North American identity integrator to focus 100% on SailPoint. With over 1,000 SailPoint implementations including IdentityIQ, IdentityNow, and IdentityAI solutions, Regatta growing, dedicated team has earned a reputation for delivering superior service and accelerating time to value.

“Regatta advises customers from a unique perspective,” said John Ciulla, CEO of Regatta. “We value exceptional customer service through the lens of a deeply practical understanding of SailPoint. Our goal is to help customers be successful by leveraging the full power of identity.”

A Tailored Approach to Identity Security

In 2022, Regatta broadened its bandwidth to serve customers in a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, higher education, and state and local governments. To deliver the best service possible, Regatta tailors each engagement to a customer’s tech maturity stage and industry demands and requirements. On an individual basis, Regatta considers each organization’s needs, challenges, and identity security goals to deliver a first-class SailPoint strategy and implementation.

To keep up with the growing demand for modernisation, Regatta is offering new services around AI and cloud-based identity security. As an organization integrates SailPoint’s AI services, Regatta defines and implements where AI can further safeguard identity and access management efforts and streamline manual, tedious processes.

“Regatta continues to be 100% focused on SailPoint projects and remains dedicated to helping customers achieve SailPoint’s full value, from migration to implementation and every step in between,” says Ciulla. “Going into 2023, the Regatta team is thrilled to keep delivering the best customer care possible, and honored to do so as one of SailPoint’s most trusted partners.”

“Going into implementation, we had lots of back-burner issues we wanted to address, ” said Nate Kresse, head of Application Development at the City of Denver.“We needed a partner who would listen to our concerns and address each of them on an individual basis. Regatta worked with us through every phase of our process and even beyond, ensuring we had the tools necessary to be our own SailPoint experts.”

“I know I speak for the team as a whole when I say we’re ecstatic to receive the SailPoint Delivery Admiral recognition for the second year in a row,” said Dave Randall, Chief Services Officer at Regatta. “The distinction signals to customers that our team is among the finest SailPoint implementers in the industry. The recognition is emblematic of our commitment to both our clients’ success and keeping the spotlight on SailPoint, and one which we bear with pride.”

About Regatta Solutions Group

Regatta, A ProofID Company is a boutique SailPoint integrator with extensive experience on over 2,000 SailPoint implementations, powered by a team of 100% certified SailPoint architects and engineers — all focused on accelerating SailPoint deployments for success from top to bottom.

Working closely with the world’s largest organizations across the most complex identity environments, we empower customers to maximize their identity security investment and achieve accelerated success with their SailPoint implementation.