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ProofID partner, Ping Identity, has announced a partnership with a number of other service providers to develop the Identity Defined Security Alliance – a unified approach to offer enterprises and identity-focussed security system.

The Identity Defined Security Alliance’s platform has been developed to offer a selection of features including multi-factor authentication, single sign-in, mobile management, cloud access, potential threat analytics and endpoint security management.

Ping Identity’s founder and CEO, Andre Durand, unveiled the Identity Defined Security Alliance as part of his keynote speech during Identify 2015 – a leading convention for IT leaders, security experts and enterprise architects looking to implement a secure but flexible online access system.

Durand explained: “The proliferation of cloud, mobile and Internet of Things has made navigating an already confusing landscape of security solutions even more challenging for CISOs. There is no silver bullet solution to the complex challenges that today’s modern enterprises face, so we created this alliance to help companies select technology solution partners that share a common vision for a new approach to security that ensures trusted users seamless, secure access to what they need to get their job done.”

One of the service providers working with Ping Identity is cloud security broker, Netskope, who were determined to find a more secure cloud access system. Netskope co-founder and CEO, Sanjay Beri, expanded:

“Many of our mutual customers, including Fortune 50 financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing organizations, are faced with ever-increasing numbers of cloud apps being used in their network. Our goal at Netskope is to enable the safe usage of those apps, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned, and our partnership with Ping Identity and the Identity Defined Security Alliance will ensure that cloud-forward organizations have the most comprehensive framework for identity management and cloud governance available today.”

If you are looking to create an identity-focussed security system for your enterprise, the ProofID may be able to tailor a package for your requirements. For more information about how ProofID can help your enterprise, please visit our homepage or call us now on 0161 906 1002.

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