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Privileged Access Management (PAM) is intended to make it harder for hackers to access privileged accounts as well as allowing security teams to monitor behaviors for unusual access. Therefore, a critical part of an organization’s identity security model.

For many businesses, PAM solutions were out of reach to due to cost, IT resources and complexity. However, now enterprise level PAM is accessible, easy to install, deploy and cost effective.

Ensure you find the right vendor and consider asking the following questions before embarking on your PAM journey:

1. Is the privileged account management solution deployed? On-premises or in the cloud?

2. Is the software scalable and meets the needs of a growing organization?

3. Will your IT admin team be able to easily install, deploy and manage the software?

4. Can you automate tasks such as password resets, discovery for servers and network devices?

5. Does it offer a full audit trail for all privileged access and permissions?

6. Are you able to discover and detect existing privileges accounts?

7. Does the PAM solution rotate privileged accounts credentials?

8. Is there the ability create alerts in case of abnormal use of the credentials?

9. Can you establish secured high trust connections to remote devices and systems?

10. the solution meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, NIST 800-171 or ISO 27001?

Whether you’re already using Privileged Account Management (PAM) or wondering why it’s worth your time, our on-demand webinar is your briefing on the accounts attackers target most often.

In under an hour, you’ll be led through the key elements of PAM best practice and learn how to assess and improve your implementation – or start implementing one now.

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