PEGRight Dashboard is easy to install and works with your existing PingFederate environment. It reads from the PingFederate audit log database and provides data through a powerful REST API to the Dashboard UI.

PingFederate dashboard architecture

With PEGRight Dashboard, you can:

  • Instantly visualize your PingFederate environment
  • Reveal trends to enable proactive analysis and configuration
  • View key indicators in an intuitive, quick read format
  • Generate audit trails for specific users
  • Convert vast amounts of data into actionable information


The overview tab provides a quick, simple overview of the system. High level statistics allow you to see at a glance how your PingFederate environment is performing. The Events by Success or Failure chart gives an easy view of the relative number of successful and failed authentications. The Events by Connection and Event Type chart quickly shows which applications are using the system and how it is being used.

PingFederate statistics overview


The System tab provides a quick overview about the health of the cluster. Using these charts you can easily see how the load in the system is distributed and if there is a problem with load balancing or with a particular PingFederate Engine node.

PingFederate system statistics


The users tab provides a high-level overview of the users in the system. At a glance, you can see how many unique users have authenticated and which connections are being used.

PingFederate user statistics


The services tab provides a more detailed breakdown of the events in the system per connection and over specific time periods.

PingFederate services statistics

Event Search

In addition to the easy to read and informative graphs provided by the dashboard, an event search capability provides the ability to look at log entries over specific timeframes and even for a specific user. This can be very useful to generate an audit trail for a user or an event report over a timespan. The results of the event search can then be exported to a .csv file for storage or further analysis.

PingFederate user events audit

At Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago this past week, we were particularly encouraged by the response to PEGRight Dashboard, which had a huge amount of interest. Contact us for a demo.

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