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Christine Bevilacqua from Ping Identity discusses who commits the deadliest security sins…

It’s no secret that many people are compromising their security with bad password habits.

Some people use the same username and password over and over again for every website they visit and every app they use. Why? Because it’s hard to remember multiple unique passwords. That’s a #securitysinner.

Many people even write down their passwords on sticky notes, or tell someone else their password who then reuses that password. Yup, another #securitysinner.

There are even people who take the typical guidance of “keep your passwords simple and easy so you can remember them” too literally and choose things like a dog’s name, a child’s birthday or an old address. You got it…#securitysinner.

Password negligence is more common than you think. Whether you accept it or not, it’s happening with your employees–and it happens with your customers and partners as well. So if they date back to the dawn of computing, why are passwords such as issue? You used to be able to create one secure, easy-to-remember password without problems, right? Well, fast forward to today, and the need to access dozens of apps 24/7 on any device means we now need 10, 20 or more passwords. The problem becomes clear.

It’s time to reveal the secrets about password negligence. In our new series, Deadly Security Sins, you’ll see some hilariously terrifying confessions from some of the worst offenders. Is it you? Could it even be IT?

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