When thinking about integrating customers, suppliers and other partners into your business through the use of technology, your approach to identity and access management (IAM) is a key consideration. Many supplier offerings in this space share a lot of common ground, however in a B2B context there are some specific requirements that can make the difference in terms of roll out and adoption. Prior to choosing a supplier or simply extending technology already in use we encourage you to ask the following 5 key questions.

As organizations extend their technology to partners to realise business benefit the importance of security cannot be overlooked. With much of the focus and energy flowing towards business requirements the issue of security and providing access are often overlooked until the later stages of the project. This can cause problems, not only in terms of the ability to realise the business benefit but also wreaking havoc with budgets and timescales.

Here are our top 5 tips to be aware of at the start of your B2B initiative:

At ProofID, we provide a selection of fully managed identity management solutions for a wide range of different industries and sectors. By identifying next generation technologies, we can provide bespoke fully managed identity management solutions which perfectly complement your online services.

For a full range of our products visit our homepage, here. Alternatively, talk to one of our dedicated team members by calling us today on 0161 906 1002.

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