ProofID has launched Ping Identity as a Managed Service (ProofID IDaaMS) in order to support and develop existing Ping technology implementations. The need for this service has been driven by the mission critical nature of these platforms which has created two major challenges.

How do I support my IAM service 24 x 7?

Imagine a situation where none of your users could authenticate to the applications you provide to them. With IAM services providing the role of a secure gate keeper to applications, its unavailability has this direct consequence. How do I make the service more resilient to avoid this situation and what do I do if something goes wrong?

How do I support the increased demand for development of the platform?

Think about how many projects in your organisation require the need for authentication and authorisation service. If like other similar organisations, demand is very high. How well positioned are your team to support this in terms of time and skills?

ProofID IAM Managed Service provides the support and development required by large enterprises to address the above key challenges and encompasses the following:

  • A dedicated team of UK based identity experts dedicated to supporting managed services
  • Monitor services for availability
  • 4-hour resolution time for P1 incidents
  • Management of upgrades
  • Development of new features
  •  Scale resources to meet organizational demands
  •  Support services in your datacentre
  • ISO27001 accredited

Read more about ProofID IAM Managed Service and how Ping Identity’s leading UK Systems Integration partner can help your enterprise.

About ProofID

ProofID is a specialist Identity as a Managed Service provider headquartered in the UK.  We help customers every day in securing enterprise data, manage hybrid cloud environments, secure mobile apps, and provide access to services by partners and customers.  All successfully delivered through our methodology driven managed service. Daily we manage 750,000 identities and deliver services to 73 countries.  For more information, call +44 (0)161 906 1002 email or visit

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