iam_pingSharing data and system access with partners can create a more efficient and intuitive cooperative venture, ensuring all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet. However, it is vital that the shared data is fully and effectively managed to ensure that no sensitive information is leaked to unprivileged parties. This is where an effective identity and access management (IAM) solution really comes to the fore.

A well-planned and effectively-implemented IAM solution can help validate all parties attempting to gain access to your stored data and systems – protecting against unauthorised access. A robust IAM solution can help offer an extra layer of security, even with multiple partners requiring access for a number of different individuals.

Authorising and validating a huge volume of different users without necessitating manual intervention can save your company significant money and time. Even if you require millions of unique users, IDs and passwords – an intuitive and robust IAM solution can manage new users, accommodating account creation without compromising security.

But an effective IAM solution has far more uses than simply onboarding and validating new sign-ups, the system can also help manage accounts in the long-term. Automatically deleting inactive and outdated accounts which are clogging up the system and posing potential security threats, the solution can streamline and manage the complete user lifecycle. Again this can be a huge money and time saver for companies looking to control outgoings and performance.

As well as the benefits it provides for your business, there are also some major advantages for all your partners. A federated identity management system can quickly and securely allow partners access to all necessary functions – in a commerce environment, this can mean that your partners can get their products to your shelves quicker and easier (or vice versa).

Implementing a tiered access system can simplify the process of managing the levels of access enjoyed by each of your partners (and the individual user IDs within), further protecting all sensitive information and stored data. Controlling access levels can create a more intuitive and simplified user experience for all partners.

If you require an effective identity and access management solution, ProofID can help you implement a system which benefits your company and all partners. Whether you require a full managed service or a consultancy programme, our dedicated team can simplify the process of implementing an effective solution. For more information about how we can help you, visit our homepage or call us now on 0161 906 1002.