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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide regulation governing data protection, with a strong emphasis on privacy. With potentially significant fines for breaches coming into force from May 2018, ensuring compliance with the GDPR is now essential for any organization which processes the personal data of EU citizens.

Control Access

Control access
Manage the identity lifecycle to ensure that you know who has access to personal data, and that you remove access when no longer needed.

Role based architecture

Role based architecture
By managing access through role, you can grant access to personal data in accordance with each individual’s needs according to their role within the organization. If their role changes, then their access can automatically be amended as needed.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Strong authentication
Protect against data breaches caused by weak, compromised or stolen credentials by implementing modern, smartphone based multi-factor authentication.

Federated Authentication

Manage consent
Integrate consent management with federated SSO; extend centralizedcentralised authentication forms to request and manage consent at the point of authentication to applications.

With its focus on privacy and protecting individual’s personal data, identity and access management technologies have a crucial role to play in ensuring compliance with the GDPR. Knowing, and crucially being able to prove, who has access to personal data is a fundamental requirement, as is making sure that access is removed when no longer needed. Additionally, strong authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication protect your organization against weak or compromised credentials and ensure that only authorized personnel can access personal data.

Beyond this, identity management technologies such as federated authentication have a crucial role to play in other aspects of the GDPR such as consent management. ProofID’s proven expertise in this area combined with deep knowledge of the GDPR regulations can help your organization navigate through the regulatory and technical challenges posed by the GDPR.

Our GDPR Statement of Compliance


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