The first meeting included a mixture of great presentations, interactive discussion and a development of the group charter.  The presentations ranged from tactical to strategic and kicked off with a case study discussing the implementation of Single Sign-on for Office365 using PingFederate.  After a great Q&A amongst the group, the strategic look at identity was provided by PEGRight CEO Paul Bailor, who walked through a framework for developing an IAM Roadmap and how an organization can transition from a legacy to modern IAM architecture.  David Gorton from Ping Identity led a discussion on how to apply IAM to Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, such as AWS.

The diverse presentations helped generate a long list of topics for upcoming sessions during the charter discussion.  Going forward the group will be meeting the first Tuesday of every month and will cover both tactical identity topics, such as when to use what identity protocol, as well as more future identity challenges, such as how identity can help secure the Internet of Things.  The location will vary across the Metro area to accommodate the range of driving distances represented.

If you are a Denver-based IAM professional, you don’t want to miss out.  Join us!