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It’s no secret that Ping technology just works. Once it is deployed, it is out of sight and out of mind for most IT teams. If you are running older versions of PingFederate (pre – v7.x), it’s time to start planning an upgrade to remain current. As part of your planning, you need to take inventory of your current deployment to determine the level of complexity.

We’ve put together our list that can influence the amount of time needed for an upgrade:

  • The current version of software: Have you stayed current with PingFederate releases or are you jumping major versions – PingFederate 5.x, PingFederate 6.x or PingFederate 7.x?
  • The number of PingFederate servers deployed: How many production servers have been deployed? How many development and test servers have been deployed?
  • The number of out of the box adapters and integration kits: How many IdP integrations have you deployed? How many SP integrations have you deployed?
  • The number of custom adapters: How much have you customized your PingFederate deployment?
  • The number of connections: How many IdP and/or SP connections have been deployed?

All of these factors can drive the level of effort required to upgrade all of your PingFederate environments, which may not be in your current plan. It is well worth the effort, as you modernize your IAM architecture to meet new business requirements being driven by BYOD, mobile apps, and customer and partner facing use cases. If you are tight on resources or short on expertise and just don’t have the time to upgrade, contact us, we can help.

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