Speedy Single Sign-On to SalesForce using PingFederate

23rd March 2017

In this video, ProofID consultant Ben Andrews d [...]

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Disable TLS 1.0 in PingFederate and PingAccess

14th March 2017

When the PCI Council released version 3.1 of their Data Security Standard (DSS), they declared that SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 must be completely removed.

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Enable PingFederate LDAP Logging

7th March 2017

Are you experiencing issues with PingFederate LDAP integration?

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5 Reasons to Adopt Ping Identity as a Managed Service

19th January 2017

Here are our 5 Top Reasons to consider Ping Identi [...]

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ProofID Launches Ping Identity as a Managed Service

ProofID has launched Ping Identity as a Managed Se [...]

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PingFederate Logout Redirect

7th December 2016

Many of the Ping Identarati already know that the HTML Form IdP Adapter has a Logout capability, which is used to clear PingFederate SSO cookies from the browser and redirect a static webpage.

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PingFederate 8.2 Logging Changes

15th November 2016

The most recent PingFederate 8.2 came with some interesting changes in the default logging configuration.

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5 B2B Questions for your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Provider

31st October 2016

When thinking about integrating customers, supplie [...]

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