Attend the Denver IAM Users Group Meeting on Wednesday, May 18, and exchange your ideas with others! We have two presenters ready to talk about their experience implementing directory consolidation at the State of Colorado. Come and listen to what they have to say, and share any similar experiences you may have had in this area.

Title: Using Virtualization to Accomplish AD Consolidation
Presenter: Matt Moynahan, State of Colorado
Abstract: How we addressed the challenge of integrating identity attributes from multiple authoritative sources/directories to create a consolidated Identity Provider capability without having to modify the authoritative sources/directories and simultaneously minimizing disruptions to end users and business functions.

Title: Ubiquity of Identity
Presenter: Eric Anderson, State of Colorado
Abstract: Enabling our IAM infrastructure to allow quick shifting of personas while continuing to maintaining data isolation and least necessary compliance for both on-premise or cloud consumption.

Future presentations will look at eliminating IAM friction in other areas such as: Single Sign-On/Federation, User Provisioning, Self-Service Management, Monitoring/Analytics, and more. The more people volunteer to share their experiences or offer to provide a tutorial or other learning experience – the more we will all grow as IAM professionals.

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Ping Identity and PEGRight are providing appetizers and refreshments for all to enjoy.