The topic for this meeting is “Risk-Based Authentication.” Risk-Based Authentication and Identity Analytics are two popular IAM “buzzwords” for 2017. If you want learn more, please attend. We will start with a presentation by Ian Barnett who is the Director, Solutions Architect with SecureAuth. Ian’s presentation was given at the Gartner IAM Conference in December 2016, and it contains a lot of information on how Risk Analysis will be used for authentication in the coming years.

After the presentation, we will have a Panel Session on this topic. Eric Uythoven will lead the Panel Session, and the panel members will be Ian, Valerie David (who is currently implementing a project using the Securonix product), and we are expecting to have at least one other industry leader participating in the Panel Session.

We thank our co-sponsors SecureAuth and PEGRight for hosting this upcoming event. In keeping with our usual meeting style, hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided by all to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing the local Denver IAM experts and sharing ideas.