Password Mismanagement is the Leading Access Control Problem

16th August 2016

With or without the help of a password hacking to [...]

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The Problem with Passwords

12th July 2016

We’ve all grown extremely comfortable with passwor [...]

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Death of the password?

6th January 2016

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported on KPMG’ [...]

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PEGRight Brings Ping Identity and Netskope Together to Mitigate the Threat of Compromised Email Addresses

13th October 2015

Today, at Ping Identity’s IDENTIFY 2015 event in New York City, we’re excited to introduce a solution that increases security and prevents costly security breaches by mitigating the threat of compromised user accounts. .

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Do You Know Who to Trust?

10th August 2015

In April, as a precursor to RSA, I published a blog that suggested the collective security community should be challenging the status quo and not succumb to the pressures of culture (Can Change in IT Security Win the Cultural Battle).

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They Will Get In – When Will You Know?

20th May 2015

If you made the trek from SFO to downtown San Francisco during the week of RSA, you may have seen a LogRythm billboard on Highway 101, declaring “They Will Get In.” And if you were really lucky, it may have been printed on your hotel key – eye catching and yet a little unsettling.

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Can Change in IT Security Win the Cultural Battle?

15th April 2015

This years RSA Conference theme is “Change: Challenge today’s security thinking,” asking attendees to challenge the thought and procedure status quo and come up with new ways to secure the digital future.

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Webinar Replay: Are Passwords and MFA Really Enough?

13th January 2015

Without a proactive security strategy, misuse of lost or stolen credentials can go undetected for months.  And by that time, the damage is done.

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